Episode 24

The Dummies Talk No Bras and Bottom Butt Cheeks, Cock Ring Confusion, and How Lebron Is A Flooranthrapist.


Idiot Mom Lets 10 Year Old Get a Tattoo

Stupid Mom Sues School Because Her Son Sucks At Sports

Shitty Mom Cages Kids

Pervert Mom Likes Beast Feeding A LOT!


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Episode 22

The Dummies Discuss Buried Penises, Dumpster Diving Whales, and Answer The Age Old Question: “Are you an Ernie or a Power Bert?”.

Story Links:

Surgeon and Girlfriend arrested on drug rapes

Florida bartender arrested for throwing Mug

Student writes paper with hilarious place saver

Morons try to throw whale carcass in dumpster

Joaquin Pheonix as the Joker

Are Bert and Ernie Gay?